Photo Gallery
The family home in Queens Drive, Invercargill, which I had to sell urgently in 1988 to defray costs & legal fees & Mortgage.
Camper van truck, trail bikes and vintage Land Rover, all of which had to be sold.







Examples of our pool area after much hard work by my late husband and myself.





Examples of damage to my pool area in Arrowtown.

Money to pay for repairs to this has been tied up in legal proceedings and years of frustration. These are the foundations of the house by the corner of the pool.

The end of the pool area subsided because I didn't have the money to effect repairs, when minimal repairs were needed. The lawyer concerned was failing in following my late husbands instructions. There were funds available in 1985.


The little stone place, stables and land Mr. Galt mentioned in court (page 156 transcript) was just across the road from me. I had been interested in purchasing the building, stables and land in mid-1985 for a Horse-trekking business.

The estate hadn't been wound up by then, when it should have been. I had no other choice but to leave.

    A cliff at the back of my house caving in because of roots of trees that need to come out.
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