Mr Galt handled the Estate illegally. He knowingly acted on an Invalid Will of which he was NOT a trustee, NOR had Power of Attorney or Probate (Courts permission to handle an Estate).
None of which has been addressed!!

The "Notes" I refer to are a number of pages, of instructions taken into Mr Galt by my step son in January 1985 from his late father. The first page, handwritten by my late husband stated clearly, what the Assets were and what was to be paid, e.g Tax, Queens drive Mortgage, Arrowtown Mortgage etc. Also stated quite clearly, Power of Attorney to Nancy, and to transfer money to Nancy. Another page Royal Insurance ($40,000) also medical insurance to be assigned to Nancy before 13-03-85, New rooms to be set up in town for Oral Surgeon, Sale of Practice to pay Arrowtown mortgage and so on. A number of pages, all with necessary detail.

And done by my late husband (when Mr Galt was on holiday, and when another person from that Firm was asked to come to the Hostpital and talk to my husband, would not) with his son, two or three days before he died, while he lay in a Hostpital bed with a drip in both arms, Nil by Mouth from 31 December '85 when admitted to Hospital, trying to make sure all, sorted out as best and trouble free as possible, before he died, only to have Mr Galt do what he did!! The very person we should have been able to to trust Totally!

I believe Mr Galt did what he did to me because : I was newly Widowed - Vunerable - Depressed because of all I had been through, and was going through - Uneducated in the field of law - Unemployed (I had worked with my late husband and now needed to set up a business on my own, which I was waiting for my funds from Mr Galt to do) Unable to confide in Colleagues - Lack of funds and therefore dependent on him to sign cheques to pay accounts etc (as I had been led by him to believe he was the Trustee, and only he could do so) a Woman, on my own, isolated from my main home and people I knew, while living, waiting at the Arrowtown home to finish the building of it.

I also believe because of Mr Galt saying the Tax account could be $42,000 to $44,000 when he knew by my late husband's instructions it was approximatley $24,000, and he had not claimed the $40,000 insurance money from Royal Insurance by June 1986, when I went to Lawyer #2(Mr Phillips) to ask him to find out what had happened to my funds. ( Royal Insurance had asked him a number of times, to claim their policy, as had Medical Insurance with theirs - Med Ins threatened to lodge a complaint with the Law Society in June 1986 if he did not claim their policy, he would not answer their calls or letters. Neither could my late husband's business Accountant get the information he needed from Mr Galt that Mr Galt had, for him to be able to work out the Tax Account untill into 1986, that Accountant had to write to IRD telling them he could not get the information he needed from Mr Galt, they in turn wrote to him. Finally in June 1986 Mr Galt was forwarding to that Accountant what he needed!) - that he intended to help himself if not to all of that $40,000, to at least a great deal of it!

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